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American Circuit Technology's Delivery Expectations

Delievery Expectations
Not all printed circuit board manufacturers are created equal. Our expertise goes beyond electronics or testing and extends into meeting tight delivery deadlines that many of our competitors struggle to match.

Our capacity to deliver 24-hour turnaround times for 1 or 2-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) has maintained constant even in our present growth cycles.  Our 1-day turnaround time even extends into some multi-layer PCBs depending on the complexity of your boards.

Delivery Deadlines
Tight deadlines are nothing new to us.   For the last several years we have been fine-tuning our manufacturing, testing, quality control and delivery services to such a degree that clients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth, quick and reliable our turnkey services are.

The Quality Seal
In a competitive marketplace where time is money and any PCB defect may cost you a customer, can you afford to select a printed circuit board manufacturer without impeccable credentials or a reputation for world-class quality control and testing?

We don’t’ think so.   We stand 100% behind our American Circuit Technology PCBs that will be delivered on time with zero defects. 

Delivery Turnaround Times
To help you plan your PCB product lifecycle please scan our turnaround schedule and production run estimates.  In many cases, we can beat these estimates, delivering a quality product under deadline…

Minimum delivery turnaround times
24-Hours for 1 or 2-Layer PCB's and some multi-layer boards; Each multilayer PCB requirement will be carefully analyzed to make absolutely sure we can meet a 1-day turnaround time.

Standard delivery Turnaround times
This is generally 10 Days for most production runs, although if you board is overly complex this may extend to 15 days, but no more.

Prototype delivery turnaround times
PCB prototypes can usually be delivered in 5 days with our quality seal attached.

We offer all these estimates in good faith based on a solid foundation of experience, innovation and a genuine desire to deliver quality PCBs ahead of schedule.

Our Sales team is standing by to receive your quote and answer any further questions you may have relating to our delivery and quality control services.

Please use this form to fast track your inquiry. We will respond immediately to any requests and look forward to doing business with you.
Our services are offered nationally, and are capable of getting our product anywhere within the United States. California-based customers maybe eligible to receive quicker turn-around times depending on the proximity to our production plant.

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