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American Circuit Technology is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards and has been committed to producing high-quality, state of the art Flexible Printed Circuit Boards for over 25 years. During this time, we've accumulated a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge that can't be matched by other PCB makers. Here at American Circuit Technology, our primary mission is to provide our customers with an unmatched standard of service, quality, value and overall satisfaction. We offer a complete package of services including design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of each prototype to ensure that it meets your requirements.

Flex PCB - Quick Overview

Prototype Quick Turn Custom
Layers 1-10 1-2 Up to 10
Quantity 5-10 5-10 Unlimited
Turn Around 5 days 48 Hours Flexible
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Why Choose American Circuit Technology?
Over the years, we've established a reputation for building Flexible Printed Circuit Boards that simplify overall system designs by reducing the amount of interconnection between layers. This is important because it reduces the total manufacturing cost and passes the savings to the customer. Our boards are also designed to offer superb heat dissipation, which makes them ideal for high temperature environments where excellent thermal management is important. Our designs can reduce overall weight and board size, while at the same time improving the board's layout. This ultimately results in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for the customer's electrical package.

Added Value With Custom Designs
Some manufacturers build off-the-shelf boards that don't match a customer's needs or might not be the best fit for their design. We pride ourselves on building custom boards that can solve the most complex and demanding interconnection problems while at the same time reducing overall package dimensions. Our engineers will assist you from start to finish by assessing your needs and working with you at every step to ensure that the final product meets your specifications. We can also quickly build a prototype so that you can evaluate the board design to ensure that it can be easily integrated into your product offering.

Stand Out From The Crowd
There are many companies that manufacture and sell printed circuit boards, so it's important to distinguish yourself from the competition. One of American Circuit Technology's greatest assets is our dedicated staff, who are firmly committed to designing and building the highest-quality flexible and rigid boards possible. They have years of experience producing products that aren't readily available elsewhere. Our design team is more then willing to tackle any technical challenge in order to produce the best board for any given application or product. Our knowledgeable manufacturing team will then take the design and determine the most cost-effective process solution to manufacture the circuit board for the lowest possible price.

Staying Ahead of The Competition
Like most things in the modern world, circuit board technology is constantly changing and evolving. We're constantly exploring new and innovative processes and techniques to improve our product offerings and services. We routinely audit our manufacturing operations to streamline our process flow and improve productivity. We regularly evaluate our tooling inventory and upgrade our equipment as more advanced options become available to stay current with the latest trends. In the long run, these practices are crucial in making our products attractive to our customers and maintaining the highest level of quality and performance in our hardware.

The Final Word
As an industry leader, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Our clients can rest assured that they can depend on us for all of their printed circuit board needs no matter what they may be. We've built our reputation by crafting custom, state of the art circuit boards while at the same time setting new standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you. We're confident you'll recognize that a partnership with American Circuit Technology is the prudent choice for all your Flexible Printed Circuit Board needs.

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