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ISO 9001 Certification

American Circuit Technology
At American Circuit Technology we are intensely customer driven. ACT continuously strives to improve product quality, lead-time, pricing, problem resolution time, and communication.

American Circuit Technology maintains and continuously improves a documented quality management system designed and carried out to fulfill the ISO 9000:2008 standard. Quality Management includes:
• Identifying the methodologies needed for the quality management system
• Determining the order and validation of these methods.
• Determining the criteria and processes required
• Assuring information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes

American Circuit Technology quality objectives are consistent with the 9000-2008 quality management standard including the commitment to continuous improvement, zero-defects and 100% customer satisfaction. Quality management certification to the ISO 9000-2008 standard is based both on the requirements of the industry and the requirements of the customer.

An ISO certificate is documented written assurance from an accredited third party registrar that American Circuit Technology, and its quality and management system, is effective in conforming to the ISO 9000-2008 standard. The 9000-2008 certificate provides American Circuit Technology with standardized quality procedures useful for managing both business and quality system resources.

Being certified is a requirement often placed on manufacturing organizations. The concept of ISO 9000-2008 is that you document your procedures and then you do what you have detailed in the documentation.

At ACT our goal is to achieve zero complaints from our customers. We will accomplish this goal by meeting or exceeding our customer’s needs, maintaining open communication, continuous improvement and complying with our quality system requirements.

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