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Inspection Criteria

PCB inspection requires a stringent process and policy adherence, which include built-in steps that observe and prevent imperfections. Our inspection process is built upon IPC guidelines, plus many in-house developed inspection processes.

Inspection is a holistic approach in our opinion and requires an unwavering effort. We thoroughly evaluate every portion of the manufacturing process from the materials we use, to adhering to qualification requirements, and even the reliability of our products. Imperfections that we search for on the actual board:

• Conductive Pattern Imperfections (adhesion Loss, coating, conductor widths & thickness, pinholes , scratches, plating)

• Electrical Discontinuity, shorts, and impedance issues.

• Hole Imperfections (diameter, foreign inclusions, misregistration, and plating)

• Marking Imperfections (accuracy, location, readability, and size) • Surface Imperfections (burrs, cut fibers, gouges, nicks, scratches, weave exposure, and voids)

• Subsurface Imperfections (base material absences, delamination, foreign inclusions, measling, and pink ring)

• Coating, Coverlay, Coverfilm, and Solder Imperfections (adhesive properties, blisters, bubbles, delamination)

• PCB Size & Thickness

• Contaminated PCBs

• Poor solderability (wetting, de-wetting, and non-wetting)

Please call us for a detailed explanation of our inspection guidelines.

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