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RoHS & Pb-Free

In our continued and strong support for the RoHS initiative, American Circuit Technology has a wide range of offerings to collaborate with lead-free PCB manufacturing and assembly needs. Every one of our lead free printed circuits solutions are RoHS compliant while maintaining our widely known product qualities and very intuitive customer service that everyone has come to expect from American Circuit Technology.

Our boards do not contain

• Cadmium
• Hexavalent chromium
• Lead
• Mercury
• PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl)
• PCDE (Polybrominated dephenyl ether)

We can provide your printed circuits with the following finishes:

• Lead-free finishes: lead-free Solder Finish (lead free HASL)
• Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
• Electroplated Nickel and Soft (bondable)
• Hard Gold
• Immersion Silver
• Immersion Tin (White Tin)
• Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP).

All of our lead-free printed circuit boards are built from UL approved laminates. These will withstand the high temperature and long duration required by lead free assembly cycle, which can be in excess of 260 degrees C. These laminates are suitable for requirements that the laminate base material to withstand temperatures in excess of 260 degrees C or 500 degrees F for prolonged periods. By providing these High temperature laminates, we can ensure the higher temperature cycling requirements for some lead free assembly applications.

Considerations in selecting the right Lead-Free / RoHS Complaint Base Material Alternatives.

Lead Free Regulation Directives

California Directive

RoHS Directive

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