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UL Certified

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification

We have all read it on the back of appliances and on tags attached to electric cords, but what does it mean when a product states that it is "UL listed?" In order for a printed circuit board or any other electronics product to gain UL certification, it must pass a battery of testing. Underwritiers Laboratories certification means that you can use the product or appliance secure in the knowledge that it has been tested for quality and safety, and meets or exceeds the standards set by the industry. For the manufacturer, it can mean everything in a competitive global market.

When it comes to electronics, consumers want to know that not only does the product work, but that it has been tested and certified as safe. This is especially important for manufacturers in the competitive and rapidly advancing electronics and technology market. In a global market economy, where imports are at a peak, a UL certification can mean increased consumer confidence, rapid market placement, and a greater market share. In order to use a product safely, the purchaser needs to be aware of information concerning voltage for compatibility with other electronics products. They need to know that the materials meet specifications for that type of product. They need to know that normal use of that product will not cause a fire hazard.

American Circuit Technology manufactures any printed circuit board to the highest industry standards available. UL laboratories have over 800 standards of safety, and you can be sure that any ACT manufactured PCB 's and PWB 's will meet or exceed those standards. An Underwriters Laboratories certification lets the consumer know that the electronics they list are made safely, are of quality materials, and will give you important information regarding specifics of voltage and other requirements.

It is difficult to know the quality and safety of some products before purchasing . There are many more products to choose from than ever before, and "UL Listed" reassures the consumer in their choice of electronics products. This is also reassuring to the manufacturer who is committed to quality and safety.

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