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Assisting Classrooms & Teachers – Educational Development Program

At American Circuit Technology we taken it as a responsibility to help future engineers by assisting classrooms and teachers.We'll help future engineers by helping out by sponsoring engineering teams and competitions. We’re helping all future engineers through our sponsorships and discount program.

ACT - Contest and Event Sponsorship Opportunities

We are always looking for opportunities to give something back to the community. Do you have any competitions that require any type of PCBs? Contact for further details.

We've sponsored events in audio/video, biometrics, communications, medical devices, robotics, racing, solar, sub-orbital/space and many other fields. You have a chance to get part, if not the entire project sponsored by us! If you have any questions regarding our sponsorship please e-mail us at

ACT - Educational Development Program Policy

We will provide discounts to qualified individuals or non-profit organizations and/or educational institutions for the purchase of Printed Circuit Board(s). Students or teams will have to fill out a Sponsorship form and will be requested to recognize American Circuit Technology’s contributions by adding a web link on your organization’s or club’s web site to

ACT Advantages

• Student Project: 20% discount
• Club or Team Competition: 20% discount
• Classroom Instructors – Professor or TA: 25% discount

For consideration of your team or PCB classroom project, please e-mail for a form.

Once a request has been made, we will email you with the required web link to recognize on your webpage. Please be advised that you will not be allowed to use any educational discounts until you have been accepted by our program approval process.

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