Aerospace PCBs

The aerospace industry consists of commercial aviation, military, satellite, and space exploration it requires printed circuits with very high reliability in very extreme conditions.

We provide circuits that offer many material composites and construction that have proven very effective for use in the aerospace industry.

In these challenging environments high temperature laminates as well as copper and aluminum substrates such as anodized aluminum are utilized to eliminate the effects of heat induced oxidation.

Serving customers in the avionics sector with our metal core PCBs and surface mounted heatsinks. We have the ability to process different kinds of dielectrics from classic FR4 to polymide and RCC to HTg FR4.

Our staff is extremely specialized and qualified for critical PCB applications including cockpits and board computers. We have the ability to fulfill customer’s most particular needs with our complete service. You can rest assured that prototyping and full traceability of the product are the services contribute toAmerican Circuit Technology’s great quality.

Examples of Aerospace & Avionic Printed Circuit Board Applications:

* APU (Auxiliary Power Units)
* Audio interface applications
* Battery Warming
* Cockpit & Board Instrumentation control systems
* Control tower Instrumentation systems
* Delcing Systems
* Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR)
* LED lighting systems
* Power converters & converters
* Radar installations
* Radio communication systems
* Temperature sensors

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