Automotive PCBs

Printed circuit boards are used in many ways in the automotive industry and have changed the way that people drive. Anti-lock brake systems and other safety and security features, ECU systems that control engines, and GPS navigation systems all require PCBs. The need for PCBs will increase as vehicle owners and drivers demand more accessories in vehicles, such as televisions that passengers can view.

A printed circuit board used in a car or truck, sub assembly or dealer support system must be highly reliable, long-lasting and be highly competitive in price. American Circuit Technology meets these criteria by providing PCBs specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions to which drivers of vehicles expose automotive electronics. American Circuit Technology offers high temperature laminates and copper and aluminum substrates, as well as differential copper plated PCBs that are unique in the industry. These differential copper plated PCBs have twenty ounces of copper on one side and one ounce of copper on the other. This configuration offers optimal signal application and high power.

American Circuit Technology is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and offers co-design and co-engineering services, just-in-time consignment, prototyping and limited series production. The company strives to provide quality products as well as quality services.

Examples of Automotive Printed Circuit Board Applications.

• Airbag Deployment
• Antilock Brake Systems
• Audio & Video Equipment
• Communication Equipment
• DC/AC Power Converters
• Digital Displays
• Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) / Car Computers
• Electronic Mirror Controls / Automatic Dimming
• Emergency Assist
• Engine Coolant Level (ECL) Monitors
• Engine Timing Systems
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
• Interior LED lighting systems
• LED Brake Lights
• Navigation Equipment
• Power Distribution Junction Box
• Power relays
• Radar & Radio Systems
• Remote Diagnostic Systems
• Security Systems
• Transmission Sensors

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