Commercial PCBs

Down through the years, American Circuit Technology has produced PCB (printed circuit board) products for various commercial and industry uses. Some of the products offered by American Circuit Technology include flexible and rigid circuits, flexible heaters, sensors and instruments and integrated applications.

American Circuit Technology offers companies a solution to the growing automation push that they are faced with. Companies who choose to collaborate with American Circuit Technology have chosen a winning team.

For a long time, the main thrust of American Circuit Technology has been industrial electronics. Their products are used in a broad range of applications; some of the applications include power supply units, robotics, electronic switchgears and power conversion applications.

Whether you need the basic CEM1 PCB, a thermal product that bonds with copper, brass or aluminum, a multi layered PCB with both blind and buried via connections and controlled impedance or a heavy-duty copper PCB for heavy voltage uses, American Circuit Technology has the product to help meet your industrial PCB needs.

For more information, feel free to contact us about how our standard and custom products can supply your PCB requirements.

Examples of Industrial Automation & Electronics Printed Circuit Board Applications.

• Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems
• Analog Meters
• Analog to Digital Converters
• Audible signaling devices
• Audio Amplifiers
• Battery Charger
• Circuitry Protection
• Computer Related Equipment
• Control Relays
• Convertors
• Digital Meters
• Digital Signal Processors
• Diode Tester
• Displays
• Distortionmeter
• Drive Motors
• Electromechanical Controls
• Electronic Ballasts
• Electronic Filters
• Electronic Test Instruments
• Fans & Blowers
• Feedback devices
• Fiber optics
• Fuse blocks
• Gas & Pressure Detectors
• Gauges
• Heat sinks
• Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
• HVAC Controls
• I/O Components
• Industrial Controls
• Inertial Navigation Systems
• Instrumentation
• Laser & Sonic Anemometers
• LCR Meter
• Lighting (LED and Systems)
• Line Conditioners & Reactors
• Metal Detectors
• Oscilloscopes (Scope, CRO, DSO, or O-Scope)
• Phase Rotation Testers (PRT)
• Position Controllers
• Potentiometers
• Power Converters
• Power Monitoring Systems
• Power Supplies
• Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
• Protection Relays
• Protectors
• Readout Devices
• Rectifiers
• Regulators
• Relays
• Resistance meters
• Resistors
• Safety & signaling
• Safety switches
• Signal conditioner
• Soft starters
• Solid State Relays
• Spectrograph
• Spectrum Analyzer
• Surge protection
• Surge suppressors
• Tachometers
• Terminals
• Thermometers
• Thermostats
• Time Delay
• Timing Devices
• Torque Control & Switches
• Transducers
• Transformers
• Transient protection
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems
• Vectorscope
• Velocity Controllers
• Voltage (Voltmeter) Monitors
• Weather Station Instrumentation

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