Telecommunications PCBs

The telecommunications industry pushes technology forward as it consistently seeks to reduce the size and weight, while constantly adding features to keep the competition from getting ahead.

When it comes to a high performance PCB for broadcasting networks or for computer storage operations, you can rest assured that the circuit boards manufactured by American Circuit Technology are up to the job. Customers have been successfully using our printed circuit boards for years in cellular phone networks, mobile telecommunication systems, and in a variety of other electronics applications.

In order to meet these varied applications, American Circuit Technology manufactures circuit boards with top-notch materials that match the ever changing needs of the telecommunications business. Because the telecom industry is at the core of our business, you can be certain that American Circuit Technology stands ready to provide your company with the very best products for its electronic needs. Also American Circuit Technology has the greatest technological advantage of any company in the business because we have been working with the technological advances of the telecommunications sector since our inception.

This unique technical expertise gives American Circuit Technology the skills needed to build circuit boards that are suitable for a variety of applications. Whether a PCB is needed for a fixed telecommunication system or for a mobile communications network, a circuit board that we install will certainly be up to the task. In addition to being able to handle a variety of communication electronics applications, an American Circuit Technology board is perfect for handling a customer’s needs that may arise with broadband internet and video conferencing equipment. Also because we construct our circuit boards with superior quality components and the latest technological advances built into them, they are perfect for use in radio and microwave communication circuits. So regardless of your company’s application, you can rest assured that our circuit boards will be able to provide the service you need for many years to come.

In order to demonstrate just how well constructed our circuit boards are, here is a brief description of the materials that we design into them. We use the latest in ceramic materials and teflon to reduce wear and tear in the circuits. We also design our boards to be high density interconnected printed circuit boards that are constructed with sequential build up technology and a BGA pitch that is smaller than 0.4 millimeters. In addition to this, we build the boards with a metallic core and metallic backing that is able to disperse heat through a copper and tin heat sink that allows for optimal operating conditions. Also there are a variety of finished exteriors available for our controlled impedance boards and circuits that will make them fit well in any setting. So as you can see from the quality we put into the construction of our circuit boards, American Circuit Technology stands ready to be a top quality partner in meeting the needs of your company.

Examples of Telecommunications Printed Circuit Board Applications.

• Broadband & Consumer Equipment
• Cell transmission and tower electronics
• Fiber Optic Multiplexers
• Fixed & Mobile Networks
• High speed routers and servers
• Information security technology
• Military communications systems
• PBX systems
• Phone switching systems
• Satellite technology
• Signal Amplification Devices
• Signal boost online systems
• Space communications technology
• Switching Applications (Controllers, Heating, and Sensing)
• Video Conferencing Devices
• Voice over internet protocol
• Waveguide Grating Devices
• Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology

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