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1-2 Layers Within 24 Hours

3-6 Layers Within 48 Hours

7-10 Layers Within 72 Hours


Up To 20 Layers

Up To 4 Square Feet

Within 5 to 10 Days


Up To 32 Layers

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The foundation of the electronics industry, and rigid printed circuit is used in majority of products, can now be made in a array of materials to work with most applications. American Circuit Technology is able to supply single and double sided circuits, multilayer, HDI, metal core and heavy copper PCBs.


Rigid Flex boards are perfect for those projects with unique physical requirements. After 25 years of manufacturing these, we’re able to satisfy low and high volume orders with consistent great quality. These work great for those boards that require a reduction in solder joints, elimination of space taking connectors and a overall reduction in time necessary for manufacturing, assembly, testing and installation. Through the removal of unnecessary wiring, a more space efficient board can be achieved. These types of boards are utilized in a wide array of applications from military, medical, telecommunications and IT.


Single, double and multilayer flex circuits are also available through American Circuit Technology. We’re able to offer these innovative, adaptable interconnection systems in low or high volumes. Similar to Rigid Flex boards, these are used in multiple industries from military, medical, automotive, telecommunications and many other industries that require minimal space use.


If you’re still at the design stage of your project, American Circuit Technology can help there too! Our team of engineers & programmers are experienced in designing circuits are the easiest to manufacture, which can save you costs in both the prototype and full production phase!



ACT can also provide full turn-key solutions by offering assembly as well. We offer in-house hand assembly for prototype assembly, and we have partnered with trusted assembly houses that are capable of handling full production assembly.

Specialty Boards

Metal Core

Metal Core PCBs are becoming increasingly popular in the LED industry for the materials high thermal conductivity. Aluminum is the most widely used, which can offer thermal conductivity up to 3.0 kwt


HDI, or High Density Interconnect PCBs contain a much higher circuit density than traditional PCBs, and typically have smaller traces & spaces, require controlled impedance, as well as needing blind, buried, and/or microvias. American Circuit Technology has evolved our manufacturing processes to meet all the special requirements required for HDI PCBs

Heavy Copper

For applications requiring high voltage and high power, the best choice is to go with Heavy Copper PCBs. American Circuit Technology is capable of plating up to 16 oz, with 6 oz being UL approved.

Controlled Impedance

Printed Circuit boards that require Controlled Impedance demand a high level of precision in the manufacturing process. Controlled Impedance PCBs require very critical control over the height and width of the copper traces, as well as the various other materials utilized such as the base core material and solder mask. Some Controlled Impedance PCBs include digital and RF applications, where signal speed and energy efficiency are important features.

Blind & Buried Vias

The advancement in PCB technology through the use of Blind & Buried Vias has been significant. By allowing vias to basically connect to any possible layer, designs can have a smaller footprint by utilizing extra space in in the inner layers of a multilayer PCB. Blind & Buried Vias can be used in rigid, rigid-flex and flex PCBs, and can be utilized in a wide array of applications from military, medical, telecommunications and IT.

Via Fill

Via Fill is a special PCB process that is utilized to completely close a via hole with either a conductive or non-conductive material. Materials can range from copper, silver, solder, epoxy, solder mask, and more. A common application of Conductive Via Fill is to create stronger conductive connections between layers, while a common application of Non-Conductive Via Fill is to to provide structural integrity to a via.

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