Rigid Flex PCBs


Here at American Circuit Technology, we’ve been committed to designing and manufacturing high precision printed circuit boards for nearly 40 years. The combined experience of our management, PCB designers, and manufacturing engineers, along with our state-of-the-art manufacturing tools provide the perfect recipe for success. We work closely with our customers from the beginning to ensure that their board will not only satisfy all of their requirements, but will convince them to choose American Circuit Technology for all of their future PCB needs.



1 – 2 Layers Within 24 Hours

3 – 6 Layers Within 48 Hours

7 – 10 Layers Within 72 Hours


Up To 20 Layers

Up To 4 Square Feet

Within 5 to 10 Days


Up To 32 Layers

Off-Shore Pricing Available

JIT Scheduling Available

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What is a Rigid Flex PCB?

Rigid flex printed circuit boards are hybrid boards that employ a combination of both flexible and rigid board materials. They consist of multiple flexible circuit layers attached to rigid boards that can be placed either externally or internally to the rigid layers, depending on the intended application. Although rigid flex boards are more complex, they offer greater flexibility since the board designer can fold or twist each flexible layer to meet the design objectives. This additional versatility can provide important benefits to the customer over that of standard rigid boards such as:


  • Elimination of interface connections which can cause reliability issues
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs due to using single board design
  • Reduced packaging weight
  • Better matching and control of impedance’s
  • Reduces number of individual CAD design packages

Manufacturing Process

We craft each rigid flex PCB using the 6 sigma manufacturing practices paired with one of the strictest quality control standards in any industry. This ensures that each customer’s board will be manufactured with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Once an order is placed, every step in the process is tracked and monitored closely so that we can provide the fastest turn-around possible, no matter how complex or difficult the design might be.

Economy of Scale at a Reduced Cost

Not only do rigid flex boards offer more options, but they also allow the customer to realize important savings as well. They boards can be designed to be used in applications where space and weight are limited due to the physical constraints of the enclosure. Unlike most rigid boards, rigid flex can withstand the harsh temperature excursions that can occur during manufacturing. One of the biggest advantages of a rigid flex board is that it can replace multiple rigid boards, resulting in significant cost savings to the customer.

Our mission at American Circuit Technology is to provide the customer with the highest precision, best quality, lowest cost printed circuit boards in the industry. Call us today at (714) 777-2480 to speak with one of our experienced Rigid Flex PCB Specialists who can assist you with getting started right away. We are ready to turn your design concept into reality, and we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.