Purchase Order Supplier Quality Requirements


Quality provisions are an integral part of purchase orders issued by American Circuit Technology. The following requirements are applicable to all purchase/subcontract orders. The term “Buyer” means American Circuit Technology and the term “Supplier” means the legal entity, which is the contracting party with American Circuit Technology with respect to each purchase order. Suppliers are subject to follow all requirements unless otherwise specified.

Q1. Responsibility for Compliance

Supplier is responsible to ensure compliance to all requirements specified on the purchase order including referenced drawings, specifications, standards and any special instructions. Performance of inspection by Buyer’s representatives or the Buyer’s customer representatives does not relieve the Supplier of responsibility to furnished products or services which conform to the requirements of the procurement documentation. All processes required by this purchase order must be performed by qualified personnel. Supplier shall flow-down all applicable specifications to any lower tier sub-contractors performing work or providing material to an American Circuit Technology purchase order and shall control sub-tier procurements as required to ensure all requirements specified in the purchase order are met.

Q2. Quality Management System

Supplier shall establish and maintain a quality management system that complies with an international recognized standard such as ISO 9001, AS9100 or ISO 14001. The Supplier’s Quality Management System is subject to review, analysis and verification by American Circuit Technology, American Circuit Technology’s customer and/or any regulatory agency including any authorized government representative.

Q3. Nonconforming Material

Supplier shall notify Buyer of nonconforming product that departs from drawings or specifications. Supplier is not authorized to perform disposition of nonconforming material, with the intent of delivering these materials, without written authorization from the Buyer. Material that departs from stated drawings or specifications, including Supplier stated product data specifications, shall be approved by Buyer’s Material Review Board prior to shipment.

Q4. Corrective Action Request

Acceptance of this purchase order obligates the Supplier to perform, upon request, a corrective action investigation when discrepant material is received by the Buyer. A written report shall be furnished, within a period of five business days, which is specific and conclusive to prevent a recurrence of the discrepancy.

Q5. Changes of Product, Processes or Facilities

Supplier/Manufacturer shall not implement changes in product, raw materials, process definition or process controls that may impact product or raw material performance without prior notification to Buyer for review and approval. Supplier shall notify Buyer of any changes to location of Supplier’s manufacturing facilities.

Q6. Right of Access

Supplier shall allow access to American Circuit Technology, American Circuit Technology’s customer, and any regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order. The Supplier’s Quality Management System, records, materials and manufacturing processes are subject to review, analysis and verification by American Circuit Technology, American Circuit Technology’s customer and any regulatory agency including an authorized government representative. The Supplier shall flow-down all applicable specifications, including key characteristics, to any and all lower tier sub-contractors performing work or providing material to a American Circuit Technology purchase order.

Q7. Control of Records

Supplier shall have a documented procedure that defines the method to establish and maintain records to prove evidence of conformity to requirements for purchased product or services. Records shall remain legible, readily identifiable, and retrievable. Records shall be made available for review, for a minimum of (7) seven years, upon request by American Circuit Technology, American Circuit Technology’s customers and regulatory authorities. If Supplier decides to cease operations, American Circuit Technology shall be given a minimum of 30 days notice, in order to determine the need for and request records that shall be supplied before closure.

Q8. Documentation Revisions

Unless otherwise specified, drawings, specifications, standards, etc., referenced in the purchase order shall be to the current revision in affect as of the date of the purchase order.

Q9. Inspection & Test Reports

When required, Supplier shall provide various reports with each shipments, including, but not limited to, chemical and physical test reports, dimensional attributes inspection reports, characteristics of inspection reports, and First Article Inspection (FAI) reports in accordance with AS9102 requirements. These reports must contain the date, signature of Supplier’s authorized representative, and results.

Q10. Test Specimens

When required, Supplier shall provide test specimens (e.g., production method, number, storage conditions) for design approval, inspection/verification, investigating or auditing.

Q11. Sampling

Supplier shall use MIL-STD-105, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 or C=0 documented sampling plan for acceptance or rejection of product or services for each purchase order unless 100% inspection is stated on the procurement documentation.

Q12. Calibration

Supplier is responsible for the calibration, accuracy, validation, and maintenance of equipment, tooling, or gauges utilized to produce product and/or inspect or test to verify final conformance to requirements of product to be delivered under each purchase order. The calibration system shall be documented and in accordance with ANSI/NCSL-Z-540-1, ANSI/NCSL-Z-540-3, ISO-10012-1 or ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025.

Q13. FOD/FOE Program

Supplier, if supplying products or services that may impact the quality of American Circuit Technology’s final product, shall establish and maintain an effective Foreign Object Debris/Foreign Object Elimination program. The program may use AIA/NAS 412 as a guideline and shall be appropriate to the product or service being provided and the risk of FOD affecting end product quality or performance.

Q14. Shelf Life and Temperature or Light Sensitive Material

As applicable to product being supplied, the Supplier shall provide labeling that identifies date of manufacture, shelf life expiration date, and documentation specifying any special handling or storage conditions. Upon receipt of material at American Circuit Technology, a minimum of 80% of its shelf life must remain. The Supplier or manufacturer’s lot or batch number shall be identified with traceability back to raw materials used, manufacturing and test data.

Q15. Preservation, Storage, Packaging and Shipping

Supplier shall control all preservation, storage, packaging and shipment of product to ensure adequate protection during all phases to prevent damage up to the point of receipt by American Circuit Technology. All shipments must be made using our UPS account #: 86E882, unless otherwise specified.

Q16. Certificate of Compliance

Supplier shall provide a legible statement certifying that product or service meets all requirements of the procurement documentation including stated drawing, specification, standard, or other special instructions listed on the purchase order. Test results shall be supplied as requested or on file and available to be reviewed by American Circuit Technology.

Q17. Conflict Minerals

Supplier shall source Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and/or Gold to the best of the supplier’s ability from areas that are in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010. American Circuit Technology reserves the right to ask for an official statement on the suppliers Conflict Minerals Policy at any time.

Q18. Counterfeit Components Prevention

Supplier is required on this Purchase Order have a counterfeit materials avoidance and mitigation provision within the Quality Management System that is sufficient to prevent counterfeit materials from entering the supply stream.

Q19. Responsible Suppliers

All our suppliers are required to comply with American Circuit Technology Inc. requirements, applicable national and local regulations and laws.  Suppliers shall take appropriate measures in the following areas:

  • Product conformity and safety
  • Corporate governance
  • Business ethics


F-740-PUR-08 Rev. A

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